Manicure Set Personal care – Nail Clipper Kit

Nail Clipper Kit by Hone Home is specially designed to make clipping nails easy, safe, and convenient. It is ideal for pet owners, seniors, and special needs children

You owe it to Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti to peruse this aide – both of them began shading their nails red, a few thousand years prior, potentially making the most established style on the planet. Be that as it may, manicure doesn’t just influence ladies, it’s similarly significant for men’s hands.

An appropriate manicure is key for your wellbeing, magnificence, and care of your body wellbeing. Peruse here to figure out how to deal with your nails and how to utilize our manicure sets appropriately!


To see how a nail is made and why it is so vital to think often about them. Allow us to begin with the life systems of your nails.


Your nail plate comprises of keratin. It shields your fingertips and toes from wounds and makes it simpler to grasp and deal with little items. On account of the previously mentioned keratin plate, your nails can be utilized as an instrument, as a weapon, or are ideally suited for scratching. The fingernail skin is the part that covers the nail as an afterthought near your body.


The nail growth begins from the side near your body and the new cells propel themselves towards the fingertip. This way your nails develop around 0.5-1.2 mm each week, while they are somewhere in the range of 0.05 and 0.75 mm thick. The growth dials back when you get more seasoned.


Solid nails are an outright need for your prosperity. A torn fingernail skin or a harmed nail can cause a difficult aggravation – assuming left untreated, this isn’t just awkward, it could get hazardous!

WHAT DO YOU FIND IN A Nail Clipper Kit?

You have at any point known about a twofold instrument, fingernail skin pusher, or fingernail skin blade? Relax, here you will discover which instruments you view as in one of our top notch manicure Nail Clipper Kit sets:

Manicure Set Personal care – Nail Clipper Kit


Great nail scissors are the foundation of solid nail care and hence likewise of a decent manicure set. Obviously, their capacity is to cut fingernails and toenails. They are frequently produced in a bended shape – this makes it more straightforward to cut the nails into a round shape. A scissor sharp edge that is serrated on one side keeps the nail from slipping when cutting, in this manner guaranteeing protected and exact work. Inspired by nail scissors as it were? Then, at that point, our 251 might be ideal for you.


A nail trimmer plays out similar errands as nail scissors. Certain individuals see as working with it simpler than with scissors and thusly lean toward them. Particularly with somewhat thicker nails, as on your feet, for instance, a trimmer can show its benefits and score with a well put together. Simply attempt the two instruments – your hunch will let you know which of the two you favor working with.

 Fingernail skin SCISSORS

A legitimate pair of fingernail skin scissors are hugely significant for your nail care. With them, you delicately cut your fingernail skin and in this way guarantee sound and irritation free hands and feet. Kindly just trim torn or dead skin and hangnails!


You can likewise cut your nails with nail Nippers. The benefit is that you utilize more power and less tension with them than with scissors and accordingly take better consideration with ingrown or exceptionally thick nails. Because of their length, these instruments can likewise be directed unequivocally, which is the reason numerous podiatrists depend on nail youngsters. One more benefit of working with Nail Nippers is to cut neatly and obviously without risking difficult tearing of nails. Contingent upon the application, we offer extremely particular instruments.

Fingernail skin NIPPERS

You ought to pick fingernail skin youngsters assuming you are battling with extremely focused on skin on your hands. Particularly with torn nails, fingernail skin youngsters are a flat out MUST for you. Fingernail skin youngsters permit tight covering. They likewise empower you to set the cutting edges plainly and firmly at the specific place where you need to work, without risking slipping while at the same time working.

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As the name proposes, this instrument becomes possibly the most important factor when cleaning your nails – whether or not toenails or fingernails. Many individuals start their nail cleaning with a nail brush to eliminate shallow soil from the nail. In a subsequent advance, the utilization of a nail cleaner is advantageous, since you can likewise deal with more obstinate soil. You can without much of a stretch eliminate soil at the edge of the nail or under the nail. Contingent upon the manicure set, you will likewise track down this apparatus as a twofold instrument joined with a fingernail skin pusher.


The skin pusher is utilized to deal with broke and frayed fingernail skin. In the delicate region around the fingernail skin, sharp or pointed instruments ought not be utilized to forestall wounds – drench the fingernail skin and push them back tenderly.


A flat out must in each manicure set. Whether or not you are culling your eyebrows or eliminating an agonizing splinter – this assignment must be addressed dissatisfaction free with unequivocally made tweezers. Contingent upon the width of the tweezers, there are distinctive planned employments.


With a Skin blade, you can remove dead fingernail skin securely and unequivocally.


The nails ought to be recorded from an external perspective in. Situating the record at a 45° point has turned into the best practice when documenting nails. Regardless of whether you record your nails round or pointed is up as you would prefer.


For quite a long time, DOVO is renowned for top-class manicure instruments. Assuming that you are keen on our astonishing history we suggest this blog.


While picking the right steel grade, we need to track down the ideal harmony between durability, hardness and cleanability. For each Model-Series we utilize distinctive steel grades to guarantee the best Effect of our instruments. Our expert instruments, for instance, convey the clinical “CE” mark and are additionally appropriate for use by podiatrists.


At DOVO, we grind all of our scissor sharp edges, regardless of whether straight, bended, or toothed, completely the hard way. The high DOVO quality must be ensured with the numerous long stretches of involvement of our processors.

Fabricate QUALITY

We give extraordinary consideration to the top notch construct nature of our instruments. Allow us to persuade you about this reality: For instance, the powerful screw association of our scissors and Nipper, the expert crushing of the instruments, just as the insignificant hole widths of every item.

This is the most effective way to guarantee exact and safe use. Large numbers of our items are too “CE” affirmed and are reasonable for disinfection and are accordingly ideal for the hard regular daily existence of a podiatrist.


You haven’t quit perusing yet and made it this far? Brilliant! You merit this end:

With a little practice, everybody can dominate a decent manicure, however just with excellent instruments, you can really focus on your toenails and fingernails impeccably. We offer you the ideal manicure set for each necessity, beginning with the little first aid pack for the satchel to the expert set, with which you can nearly change your washroom into a nail salon. Yet, they all make them thing in like manner: they are totally Made in Germany and produced to the best quality – the DOVO standard.

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